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From The Desk Of MD FJION Academy, Francis Tan




Dear Friend,


Thank you for your interest in signing up for my trading program.


However, I'm not going to waste my time on you or yours on me

First, m
y trading system to build legacies in the markets is not meant for everyone.  Please take a look at the system

performance data below before you proceed reading this page.


If you are comfortable with the numbers, you may read on.  If not, please leave right now.


Second, you must have a trading capital to start trading seriously after completing my program.  If not, please leave right now.

Third, you must be prepared to pay me US$1,000, and I will give you a 6-hour one-to-one coaching session, plus lifetime

personal support.  If you are not prepared to pay a tuition fee to pick up a life skill like trading, forget about trading; go pursue

other interests.  Please leave right now.

Fourth, you must be prepared to meet the demands I have for you as a new trader if you sign up for my program.


Hungry for success

Diligent to practise

Disciplined to obey rules

Tolerant for losses

•Committed to compulsory reading


You have to do your best for yourself.  If you can't put in your time and effort to be a great trader, forget trading.  Please leave

right now.


If you fulfill the above-mentioned 4 criteria, the following is what I will cover in the program:


Basics of Trading(my way)

Price Action


•Trading Platform

Perspectives from Successful Traders

Perspectives from FJION

Self-assessment in Trading Psychology


•​Trading​​ principles:

Systematic and consistent trading will succeed

Processes are more important than results

Information from media are mostly irrelevant

Never get busy with the wrong tasks

Yield well in 'demo' before going 'live'

Await patiently for the big moves

No quick fixes or quick cash

Trade like a robot

Exercise flexibility with goals

Abide by all trading rules

Think in terms of probability

Expect to idle most of the time

Reactive trading outweighs predictive trading



•​Exact steps of Trading(my way)

How to set up a trading account?

What do you do in your practice mode?

When do you enter trades?

When do you exit losing trades?

When do you exit winning trades?

How much money to risk on each trade?

How to do money/risk management?

How to calculate one trade size(volume)?

How to quantify trades in a journal?

How to identify trends in different currency pairs?

How to cut losses short?

How to add to winning trades?

How to know when to do nothing?

How to prepare for the worst?

How to avoid gluing to the screen

How to trade with a small account?



Here are the ultimate benefits of Trading (my way):


Clear Strategy

Ease of Usage
End-of-Day System
Going with the Market Flow
No Opinions or Egos
Nurture Beats Nature
Probability Mindset
Stress-free Trading
The Need
Vacation Trading
Value for Money
Your Friend, Market Crisis



If you are ready to go with me, sign up immediately now.  

If not, thank you for reading all these, and good luck to your trading

pursuit elsewhere!



Ask me questions if you still have them.

Thank you very much!

To Your Success,

Francis Tan



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